How to Build a Lighted Faux Window

Did you know you could build a lighted faux window?

Windows are central part of every house, no matter how small or big it is, and they are actually very versatile, as their usage is not limited to the regular light providing role we are mostly used to.

If you have some windows around that you want to transform into something different, why not consider transforming it into a work of art?

Check out this video on how to build a lighted faux window...

After seeing the video, I'm sure you have no doubt that a lighted faux window is a great and original idea!

Here's a run down of what you'll need to build a lighted faux window, but you can find the full-length instructions at Curbly...

First of all you need to make a box frame; using the 1"x3" pine and attaching it to the inside part of the window. Use the contact paper to make some arty and fun stickers: it could be flowers, butterflies, whatever you prefer as a decorative. Stick the stickers you made at the inside bottom of the window and then spray the panes with a frosting spray so as to ensure they will be stable.

Take a LED light strip and install it to the inside bottom of the window making sure that you open a hole first so as to have space for the power cord of the LEED strip.

If you want to make a richer contrast effect between the wall and the window then you should consider adding a coloured paper panel to the inside part of the window. Choose the colour you prefer in order to enhance the contact paper stickers. If you do so make sure that the light is not on all day and night, for safety reasons.

Install a hanger and then mount your lighted faux window on the wall! It will look great!

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